13/6/13 – Moth Man

It has suddenly got hot this week, and I have seen more giant furry moths than I have ever seen in my life (obviously neither of these two phenomenons are in any way represented by this picture of delicious jiennense olives). Madrid is suffering some kind of moth plague, and every day, what seems to be the same giant furry orange moth flies into our classroom. One of the guys in our class is really good at catching the moth, and so at least twice a day, he catches the moth and releases it outside, only for it to return later. Our own furry EFL mascot.


One thought on “13/6/13 – Moth Man

  1. At least the moth treatment in your classroom is humane! In my class, the boys promptly turned the insect-killer they (strangely) had on hand and used a lighter to turn it into a makeshift flame thrower.

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