11/6/13 – Collections

I have always been a big collector. Anything goes – the only rules is that you need three things to make a collection, and you can’t buy a pre-made collection – the items need to be purchased separately.

I have already amassed quite a few ‘Spanish’ collections: my plaster penitente collection, my collection of vintage postcards and of course the plates that I posted yesterday which are almost a collection (one to go!).

This is my latest collection, and it is slightly cheaty, as I did buy these three flags at the same time from the same person. However, I think that as I will have the opportunity to add to this collections at a later date, it’s ok for now!

I got these at the Rastro last weekend – they had tons of banderines, but these three were the only painted ones (another collection rule – they obviously have to match!). At 1 euro each, they are an affordable way to introduce a bit of vintage style to my house – I particularly love the El Espinar font. At a later date I can imagine them strung like bunting across a wall.


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