10/6/13 – Stereotypes

I adore these mini Spanish themed plates I got at the jumble sale yesterday – if only they still had the cups that went with them! But at 10 cents each, they were a bargain too good to miss. The old lady serving me felt so bad that they didn’t have the cups that she insisted I choose a set of glasses to take with me instead. Considering we have broken 95% of the wine glasses that were in our flat when we arrived, this was an excellent opportunity to stock up.



3 thoughts on “10/6/13 – Stereotypes

  1. Thanks! The wine glass thing is a mystery – I haven’t broken any other cups or glasses this whole year! Maybe it’s their use combined with the effects of wine?

  2. I can only imagine that theory explains it all. To be self’s credit, I had not intentionally purchased any wine glasses this year so the number was small. Still, the evidence stands.

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