5/6/13 – Red Wedding

These roses are definitely suitable for a red wedding, but not the one featured in Game of Thrones this week. I obviously still have it on the brain, as it was the first thing I thought of when I wrote the word ‘red’.

Got into a mini panic about finding a flat in Cuenca, calmed down, went to my private class, and then we went out for a coffee to celebrate. Ended the day with Masterchef; I love it so much, but God, it is the longest show ever! Almost 2 hours long! Watching it is a definite event.


2 thoughts on “5/6/13 – Red Wedding

    • I’m not surprising! In the book, it is really shocking, but also hugely emotional, whereas the whole pregnant belly stabbing thing in the TV show made it into a gore-fest, which detracted from the mood.

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