4/6/13 – Minted

As a way of delaying my inevitable decline into madness and obnoxiousness due to my sudden surge in free time, I took the opportunity to look around the shops this morning, free from the annoying crowds. Unluckily, it seems that the only fashion in Spain this season is neon hotpants, which I don’t think will go down so well at work. As I spend 5/7 of my week wearing ‘respectable’ clothing – I just can’t justify spending money on something I can’t wear to work, unless I really love it. And neon hotpants definitely do not fall into that category.

The afternoon was spent cutting mint into tiny pieces so as to make mint sauce! The greengrocer sells a huge plastic bag of mint for 1 euro, as we can never use it up quickly enough, as our mint repertoire only includes tea, tzatziki, vietnamese salad, mojitos and with strawberries. It turned out really well – the Spanish contingent in our flat were a little shocked by how strong it was, but they were  encouraged by the idea of buying some lamb to eat with it!


5 thoughts on “4/6/13 – Minted

  1. Is that starting in September? Spain is so great, I bet you’ll have an amazing time! In Madrid anyway, the EFL market is booming, so you’ll have no shortage of work.

    • I would have been going there this September but my mother became really ill last year and had major surgery in December. She nearly didn’t make it and I took time out to look after her post-surgery. I’m on a year’s leave of absence from studying at the moment and I’ll restart my second year this September. So I’ll go to Spain in September 2014. 🙂

      Yeah, I’m looking forward to it a lot! It’s great to hear that one sector in Spain is doing well; I’ve been reading El Pais and hearing so much about unemployment and the economic crisis. It’s a shame that the country is going through so much hardship.

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