2/6/13 – Chiquitita

After almost 10 months in Madrid, we finally went to the Rastro with some friends this morning. I was slightly worried about pickpockets in the crowd, but I actually managed to gain money rather than lose it, as I found 20 euros on the ground! The main section was pretty boring, as you can buy cheap ethnic  jewellery, incense and comedy t-shirts at any standard market. What I was looking for was the old rubbish, amongst which I was sure to find a gem!

We finally made our way to the antique part, and I managed to find my diamond in the rough – three souvenir hand painted triangular flags, probably dating back to the 60s. We had heard from our housemate that there was an excellent place to eat tostas in the Rastro (El Capricho de Extremadura), and so we headed there for some refreshment.

This was followed by a cubo of botellines, a bocadillo de calamares, and a coffee! I swear we didn’t stop eating for 3 hours. By Tirso de Molina, we found this Abba tribute act making a video. The things you see in the city!


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