22/5/13 – 1989

The birth year of myself and this awesome tea towel my mum bought me. It’s quite amazing that a tea towel can last so long (unused obviously).

The June drama continues. My school’s director is being very fussy and insisting we organise the contract swap via the Ministery, which I can imagine will be an absolute nightmare. Can’t believe that if it doesn’t work out, I am going to have to say goodbye to all my students in a week! It has been a great year, and the students have been, on the whole, excellent. Whatever happens, I’ll still have my private classes – who knew that top trumps Lord of the Rings would have such a positive effect on 12 year old boys. Typical conversation – “Oh, Treebeard…you’re so lucky!! I only have Shagrat. Is he more ferocity than you?”


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