10/5/13 – The Whole Story

Thanks to a recent English guest, we were able to have bagels for breakfast this morning, accompanied by scrambled eggs! Now that segundo of bachillerato have finished their regular lessons, I don’t have to go imto work until 11:30, which allows me to have a lie in and a leisurely breakfast.

After cleaning the flat, we had a rest and watched Masterchef while waiting for our second set of house guests in two weeks. We headed out later to show them the craziness that is El Tigre. Alongside plates of food, I also sampled my first glass of vermouth which was a lovely surprise! We stayed for a drink in Malasana before catching the last metro home so as not to have to catch a buho. The weekend is here!


4 thoughts on “10/5/13 – The Whole Story

    • Really?? In my experience, you can buy bagels in pretty much any supermarket in England – they aren’t as good as American bagels – but they hit the spot! You can also buy them at Taste of America in Madrid but they are shockingly expensive and poor quality.

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