7/5/13 – Tea Time

Continuing with my flashback, this was the delicious dessert we ordered post-sushi orgy. In our defence, there were 6 of us by this point, but it still wasn’t the best idea post 5kg of sushi!

In defense of my lack of daily photos, it is really humid at the moment and I feel totally drained of all energy. I barely walked 10 mins to my private class today, before coming home, collapsing on the sofa, and demanding a present for when I came back from my next private class. My boyfriend definitely came through, and had prepared strawberry gazpacho and a mini hamburger for me, as an exciting hors d’oeuvre to our healthy dinner of grilled chicken and vietnamese salad with lots and lots of mint. Although all I post about recently is food, we are being healthy, I promise!


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