4/5/13 – Spring in the City

Continuing with our touristy route, we headed over to the Mercado Agraria which was suprisingly guiri-lite, a direct consequence I presume of the changes in wine tasting arrangements. We tasted lots of cheeses, olives, pastries and some incredible sardines before grabbing some crema de queso, bread and salad and heading down to the riverfront for a picnic. After spotting some people in trajes de flamenco riding some horses over the bridge (?) we showed my friend the sights of the centre before heading home to do some vegetable shopping for….SUSHI DAY!


2 thoughts on “4/5/13 – Spring in the City

    • Ooh, I love Madrid Rio! It is so nice to be by the water; I grew up next to the sea and I really miss it. Any other recommendations for things to do/places to eat there? I saw the Mercado de la Buena Vida advertised – is it a monthly thing as well? So great to have a choice of markets!

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