26/4/13 – Hello, Goodbye

These are some books I picked up at a second hand book sale at my school. I didn’t realise until I got home that I had bought ‘Buenos Dias Tristeza’ (an excellent read, I have read it in English and French, but not yet in Spanish) and ‘Adios Volodia’ (no idea, am going to read and find out).


5 thoughts on “26/4/13 – Hello, Goodbye

      • Thank you. 🙂 We don’t cover much literature in class — it’s mostly Spanish cinema, history and politics — but I really enjoy books by Spanish and South American authors, especially poetry. I love Pablo Neruda’s poems.

        During my third year, I’ll be spending the year in Spain, probably in Madrid. How are you finding the city? Is it easy to find work as an English teacher there?

    • Wow! I was going to try to read Don Quijote, but considering that the majority of Spanish people have only read extracts, I decided not to bother! Life’s too short! I also love Bonjour Tristesse, so I am really looking forward to rereading it.

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