17/4/13 – Cockroach Alert

Today had highs and lows – the highs, the gorgeously sunny temperature of 30 degrees, and the lows, my first cockroach sighting of the year. I don’t like to think of myself as a squeamish person – I have no problems with rodents, snakes, mice or other insects – but there is something about cockroaches which freaks me out. I worry that if I ever found one in my flat I might have to move out. Another low was the awful behaviour of the kids at school today – it is just hot enough to energise them, and make them ask endless ridiculous questions like “can we have a party instead of class?” and “can we have class outside?” (need to look into whether or not that is possible!). What we need is some 40 degree heat to exhaust them, and make them nice and pliable!


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