7/4/13 – Vista

Life has unexpectedly brought me back down to Linares for a few days, and as I am unable to take many new photos, I am going to be sharing some of my favourite photos from previous visits.

In this photo: the view over the sierra from a mirador in Ubeda


4 thoughts on “7/4/13 – Vista

    • Seriously?! Hahaha I lived in Linares two years ago, and my boyfriend’s family live there so I go back to the area quite often. Baeza is gorgeous – did you enjoy living there?

      • Jaén is such a small world! I did enjoy it (though like every place it had its ups and downs). In contrast though, it made Madrid feel so lonely when I first moved here. What is the nosy neighbor peeking in my window or offering me a jug of olive oil? Also, Baeza’s paseo is one of the best! How was Linares?

  1. It is such a small world! Linares was amazing, sometimes I miss the pueblo life, but I love having all the options that Madrid offers. I visited Baeza last September, and you are right, the paseo is gorgeous. We also had tapas at Indalo, which were incredible.

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