29/3/13 – Soledad

Now on the 5th day of house arrest due to the rain (Spanish people don’t go out in the rain it seems) I really started to develop cabin fever today. After slogging my way through a powerpoint presentation on English holiday resorts, I definitely had to leave the house, rain or not, and so we headed down to see if the procession had decided to come out, risking their precious gold trono.

By the time we got down to the church, it had started spitting, but the procession had decided to risk it anyway. This procession was “El Descendimiento”, representing when the body of Christ was removed from the cross. The Virgin pictured here, carried entirely by costaleras (female costaleros), continues a separate silent procession route after the trono is returned to the church, representing Mary’s grief and solitude following the death of her son. And there concludes our lesson on Catholicism for today!


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