25/3/13 – Torrijas

So many squares on my Semana Santa bingo ticked off today – torrijas, rain, cancelled processions, daytime TV. It started off relatively sunny, and we headed out for breakfast, something which we love to do in Linares. I got my watch fixed (4 euros!) and then as the sky darkened, we headed back. Managed to study some driving theory, and enjoyed some amazing torrijas, made even more calorific than usual thanks to their filling of crema pastelera. A trip to Elviris, an American biker themed bar,  finished off the night well, and we headed back home, dreaming of sunshine. It’s so dark and gloomy that I am starting to believe that I dreamed last summer, when the sun shone until 10pm, it was 44 degrees celsius, and I felt like I would never be cold again.


3 thoughts on “25/3/13 – Torrijas

    • Believe me, the majority of photos taken in Elviris aren’t fit for publication on the internet! It does have hilarious decor though, like a giant statue of a Native American Indian, and motorbikes in acrylic cases.

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