23/3/13 – Leftovers

Saturdays are always such a blah day for me. I work on Fridays, and we usually do something small Friday night, either cooking a nice meal or going out for some drinks. Sunday is our ‘event’ day where we go into the city and explore, and so Saturday usually is dedicated to doing housework, going for coffee and my boyfriend accusing me of having a culo inquieto (I do).

Today we spent most of the day trying to process and freeze a ll of the food in our fridge before going away tomorrow. We made stock, cooked and froze lots of veggies and then I was kicked out of the kitchen by my boyfriend, as he concocted this amazing platter! Pea puree, crema de pimiento de piquillo with gambas rebozadas en queso (OMG), tosta of homemade hummous and wild thyme, pisto, and courgette lasagne. Can we eat leftovers every day please?!!!


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