22/3/13 – Amar en Tiempos Hipster

This is the name of a festival which will present the TV show “Girls” in Spanish, best name ever! We had a hipster date day today, in celebration of my boyfriend’s birthday. We started at Carmencita Bar for brunch, a place often mentioned in guiri and hipster circles alike. It was in fact the centre of a guiri/hipster Venn diagram, full to the brim with guiri hipsters! As a wannabe hipster, and certified guiri, I had a great time: enjoying the multiple condiment options, eavesdropping on other peoples’ conversations and trying to understand if I should speak to the waitress in English or Spanish!

Fortified by an enormous jug of mimosas, we headed to Tribunal, where we did some window shopping, and I bought a denim jacket, before heading to the next stop on our ruta gastronohipster – Toma Cafe. Although tiny and cramped, this place fully lived up to its reputation as the best coffee in Madrid. The baristas were really friendly and helpful, the decor was charming, and my chilli cappuccino a total éxito. We are now considering buying a coffee mill – it is a slippery slope.



5 thoughts on “22/3/13 – Amar en Tiempos Hipster

  1. I got an espresso machine as a wedding present, complete with a milk frother, and I am in love! I don’t even like most coffees nowadays, but Toma Café is really good.

  2. “It was in fact the centre of a guiri/hipster Venn diagram”–haha! I couldn’t help but grin at this description. Even though I’ve never been to Carmencita itself, I live around that area and see pleeeeenty of hipsters. And guiris. And hipster guiris 😉

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