21/3/13 – Campo

I am quite fascinated by the idea of collecting food from the countryside, and we are lucky in England to have so many harvestable plants: elderflowers, blackberries, crab apples and sloes. Aside from a streak of luck gathering blackberries in Navaluenga, and the infamous fig harvest of September 2013, I have never really enjoyed the bounty of nature in Spain as I often do in England. This isn’t for lack of plants – I know that you can pick prickly pears, wild asparagus and obviously, pinch a few olives, in the countryside around Linares, but nimble old men with little else to do had always got there first, and taken the best for themselves.

So when we went down to Linares last weekend, I was thrilled to see wild asparagus for sale in the market, and we bought a huge bundle, alongside a bunch of dried thyme, which smells divine. Today, we put the asparagus to good use – in a revuelto con gambas and setas. I have to admit that I think I will be sticking to cultivated asparagus in the future!

I would also like to record for posterity that due to ridiculous scheduling,I went into school today to teach a 30 minute class. Yes. I went in for half an hour, made generous use of the printing facilities, and then went home. I would say “Ah Spain!” but this is more a case of “Ah insert teacher’s name here!”.



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