20/3/13 – Easter Goodies

I was so excited to arrive home from work to find a parcel from England. My precious Marmite had arrived at last. Little did I know that this adorable and tasty family had also come along for the ride, along with a precious cargo of mini eggs and home made marmalade.

All of the kids at school are exhausted, which has luckily manifested itself in extreme lethargy, rather than hyperactivity as I had expected. As a result, 2 of my 3 classes tomorrow have been cancelled, but due to ridiculous scheduling, I still have to go in for 20 minutes of my third class. I didn’t have my teachers class today, so I basked in the glory of being able to eat lunch at home before my private class and my thrilling bimonthly trip to Lidl!


6 thoughts on “20/3/13 – Easter Goodies

  1. Happy (early) Easter, Izzi!

    Speaking of Marmite–this word came up in a reading the other day at school. The co-teacher asked me what it was and I explained. Then she turned to the class and said that it was “marmitako,” the Basque dish. Total FAIL!

    • Happy Easter to you too! What a Marmite fail! If only they knew about the salty amazing goodness that is real English Marmite – have you tried it? Most non-Brits don’t like it, but some people love it! This also reminds me that I need to try marmitako!

      • Haha, I know!! I kind of cringed when she said it. I have tried Marmite (and on crumpets, too boot!) but I must admit I’m not a fan. Is there anywhere in Madrid to buy it? It would make a great show-and-tell at school some day.

  2. Marmite on crumpets is a classic combination! But as they say in England, you love it or you hate it! I haven’t found real Marmite in Madrid yet; I have seen Vegemite but that’s Australian. In fact, the only place I have seen it for sale on the Iberian Peninsula is in Gibraltar! Maybe I should start an import business.

    • You might want to try Amazon.co.uk. We have not found it here either but they will deliver directly and I think spend more than GBP25 and they don’t charge delivery. OK you pay a bit more that were you to pop into Tesco but they make it easy. We have 1/2 doz 500g jars as a result!

      • Ah, that’s a great idea! Otherwise, if you ever want to get rid of your collection, I would be more than happy to take some off your hands!

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