12/3/13 – Revolution

I have been walking past this graffiti since I started my job, but today was the day I finally committed it to film. In the time I have spent in Spain, I have seen the crisis worsen, but I have also seen a glimmer of hope on the horizon, an entrepreneurial spirit which is bringing positivity out of an awful situation. I can still dream about my ideal Spanish Revolution though…

Number One on the Revolution list – bringing corrupt individuals to justice, and a thorough clean out of parliament and the banks.

Number Two – making health, education and the creation of employment an absolute priority.

Number Three – destroy all UHT milk and make a wide range of fresh milk readily available ( a girl’s got to dream!)


2 thoughts on “12/3/13 – Revolution

  1. Re UHT milk: my brother-in-law insists that it tastes not just as good as, but BETTER than fresh milk. The same one who insisted that there was hardly any good food in NYC, being the Spanish food snob that he is. Ugh. I totally agree. Boo to UHT!

    • Boo indeed! So many Spanish people love it though; I guess they don’t miss what they never had. Your brother in law clearly needs a remedial lesson in good food!

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