24/2/13 – Duh Moment #2

Otherwise known as the one where Izzi forgets to put the battery back in her camera after recharging it. This is not the first time I have done this, it also happened when I was in Lisbon, but luckily within walking distance of the hostel. In its place, we have this photo from la Casa de los Picos in Segovia, the spiky points representing my rage.

It was such as shame that I forgot the battery as we engaged in more ‘senderismo urbano’ after hitting up Calle Cava Baja for some tapas. We began in Isla 27, an ‘andaluz’ joint, for a cucurucho of boquerones. The beer was super cheap, but come on…a real andalucian bar would never sell Mahou! Then we headed over to Orixe, which was tasty, but snooty, slow and expensive. If the customer service hadnt been so awful, I might have overlooked the 2.60 they charged for a mini hamburger, albeit a pretty delicious mini hamburger.

We then wandered for a while, before coincidentally coinciding with El Rastro, which my boyfriend was adamantly sure was not El Rastro (it was). One last tapa was had at Portomarin in Lavapies, a place which we fondly remembered from a previous trip. However, we were served the gnarliest piece of ham on a miniscule piece of bread, while families around us were served huge plates of pulpo and mejillones! As my boyfriend was in the bathroom at the time, I call guiri racism. Not cool Portomarin. However, this guiri learned a valuable lesson – if you dont like a tapa – you can send it back! Who knew!


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