21/2/13 – Chupito de Calabaza

Got a mega pumpkin at Supersol for 1.40 so the tapa of the day had to be something pumpkin related! I picked the rosemary from a communal garden outside one of my private classes – got to make the most of your surroundings! I love harvesting fruit from nature, but living in a city limits the options somewhat. So far, excluding the oranges which grow in the streets which I have been told are NOT FOR EATING (not sure why), my list of harvestable city plants now stands at one: rosemary.


2 thoughts on “21/2/13 – Chupito de Calabaza

  1. My old high school had a wonderful garden with rosemary. It always smelled amazing and I was always tempted to pluck a few sprigs. (On a related note, it always cracked me up how they called it the “jardín botanico,” which made it sound a lot more impressive than it actually was.)

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